The Countryhouses

Countryhouses Contact Procedure

1st point of contact for urgent maintenance issues: Contact the board for now.
Note: This is for maintenance and repairs falling under the perview of the association only, such as roof leaks, trees falling through roofs, etc. Non time-critical issues can be raised at our meetings. If you have other types of work to be done inside your unit, you are locked out, etc., you will need to make those arrangements yourself. If you spot a potentially hazardous situation, do not hesitate to call the board president directly! If there is a life-threatening emergency, fire, or crime call 911.
Pest control problems:
Clark Pest Control (we have a contract with them for insects.) Their number is below.
If you spot a hazardous situation, do not hesitate to call the board president directly!
Webmaster: Theron Pogue
Emergency: Fire, Medical, Police 911
Sheriff 209.795.6500
Arnold Ambulance 209.795.1697
Arnold Medical Clinic (7days/wk, 9-5) Urgent care & walk-in service 209.795.4193
Dr. C.A. Cunningtom 209.795.1334
Dr. Mike Kifune 209.795.4488
Tim Magnuson, DDS 2855 McKenzie Ave, Arnold 209.795.4426
Dave Woodhams, DDS 209.795.1334
Tom Marshall, DDS 209.795.1535
Clark Pest Control/Sonora Steve Wyhlidko 209.532.3464
CountryHouses Laundry Room 209.795.4681
Road Conditions 209.736.4564
Ski Conditions 209.753.2308
Calavaras County Tax Collector 209.754.6350
David Bartley, CPA 645 Renaissance Avenue,
Fairfield, CA 94534-4041
415.883.7704 415.883.5667
Lionudakis Firewood 800.801.8150
Action Realty 209.795.2100 209.795.0456
Dorrington Realty 209.795.4455 209.795.1144